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    maximum value error

    jehan siti aisyah

      Hi Community,

      I have analytics. I creating analytics for maximum speed per car.

      Purpose : to know maximum speed every one week (so I create value by 'Max' not 'Sum').

      But I have problem. When I drag 'Max Speed' then setting measure as 'Max'

      Then I tried compare with raw data but it's not same speed.

      Such as lisence plate : B 9384 TEH. Speed in Tableau is 161 km/hour but Speed in raw data is 64 km/hour.


      Another data is B 9043 TEI. Speed in Tableau is correct but Max time speed is different with raw data and Tableau. In raw data, time is

      Below attached is raw data.


      My target is create analytics based on maximum speed during 1 week including time of maximum speed.


      Can you help me?


      Here I attached my twbx.