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    How to add column in specific position source level?

    Nandhakumar Ramanathan

      Hi All,


      I want to download/ export the data from back end (full data) in the same order of columns from database. For this I used prefix column numbers as alias name in SQL view and pulled the data into Tableau, with the help of this client is downloading the back end data in the same sequence of data base.


      Now if the customer add a new column this new column should be shown and the last For eg., if we have 150.XXXXXX columns in the SQL view the newly added column should be shown in 151.XXXXXXXX. How can we achieve this?


      Also while exporting the data in tableau can we remove the prefix column numbers in the same column sequence? How can I remove the unwanted columns in the export .csv?


      Can someone help me here?



      Thanks & Regards,