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    Generate backup status report using tableau dash board from EMC DDBOST

    santhosh kumar



      My requirement is to build a tableau report to get the EMC DDBoost Backup status across different technologies(SQL/Oracle/Applications) backups status...  like whether the backup is failed or success. If backup is failed, Display the failed reason and If backup is success, then display the list of backup success servers and application list.


      Is there any possibility to get this information...?


      Scenario Example: we installed Oracle OEM agent in different servers to monitor the backup and other information. OEM will have one central repository Oracle database which will store all backup status information in two or three tables, By querying to this tables Tableau can generate a report about backup status.


      I am expecting similar kind of information from EMC as well...

      • Which database it will use as backend database
      • Which tables it will use to store the backup status information


      Please let me know If you need any info about my requirement, Appreciate your help in this regards....