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    YTD,MTD,WTD, Year on Year calculation with a 445 calender TYPE

    Patrick Burger



      We are lukcy enough to use a 445 calendar in my company.

      For handle this in Tableau, we have created a customised calendar table used for all our reports.

      Attached is a workbook with superstore data & our calendar table.

      Below is a screenshot of an extract of the calendar:

      Calendar 445 extract.PNG


      I am trying to calculate various time comparison, based on the period (for instance a month) that will be selected by the user.

      • Year to date
      • Last fiscal year vs this fiscal year, for instance: fiscal year 2018 vs 2017
      • Last period vs this current period: for instance Period 12, 2018 vs Period 12, 2017
      • last 13 weeks vs last 13 weeks of last year, for instance: from week 30 to week 43 of Fiscal year 2018 vs rom week 30 to week 43 of Fiscal year 2017
      • ...


      Being a PowerBI users, I am used to playing with calendar table and the ID of each calendar fields (such as period ID, week ID, ...).

      For instance: DAX : YTD on 445 Calender and Irregular End Dates | Paul te Braak https://paultebraak.wordpress.com/2011/12/16/dax-ytd-on-445-calender-and-irregular-end-dates/

      But I can't figure out an equivalence in Tableau ?

      I have read multiple posts in the forum but could not find the right information.


      Woudl you be able to help me or direct me to specific calculations which can handle this ?