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    How to display data down the rows based on a combination of days and outstandings balance - Using Tableau V10.4

    Tron Duong



      I am working on tableau desktop to create a sheet pulling data from a cube database.


      I am trying to display daily balance outstanding for product.


      Please see 2 attachments, one for pull from cube data source, and the other Tableau sheet.


      In the report, I have the account dimension to display as rows.  In this case, I am showing various stats like number of credit vouchers, number of active accounts and balance outstanding etc.


      Currently I have the other dimension intersection "Measures" sitting in the filter section and is set to "NoMeasures" on Tableau or "00000000" in the excel file.


      I want to show the daily balance outstanding (1301000_Spot_Net) for each day and that requires expanding on the Measures to show not only "NoMeasures".


      Some accounts like the 1st one # of credit vouchers intersects with NoMeasures but when you get to 1301000_Spot_Net, it intersects with more than one value in the measure.


      If you know of a way, please let me know.