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    Top N and Bottom N exclusion with multiple conditions

    Rajhesh Kumar A S A



         I want to calculate the average of resolution hours by excluding 5% from count of individual Ticket priorities and the value (N) obtained from 5% will be used to exclude top and bottom rows, before calculating the average. For Instance I have 3 ticketing priorities like P1, P2, P3 and I have 35, 38, 40 tickets respectively in these priority. Then I need to exclude 5% from P1 (i.e. from 35), which results in approx 2 tickets. This 2 tickets will be splitted & used to exclude Top 1 and Bottom 1 tickets (i.e. total 2 tickets). After exclusion, I have to take the average of remaining 33 tickets in P1 priority. Similarly I have to do for all priorities. In excel, I can use Trimmean formula. I need a similar kinda function in tableau, by using formulas in Calculation fields. Any lights on this..?


      Attached a sample data for your reference. Kindly provide me your solution along with .Twbx file. I'm using 10.4 version. Thanks