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    Date filter not showing single calender option

    Shravani B

      Hi All,


      I created filter on any Date continuous field . I'm only getting option to select range of dates( which is displaying two calenders). My requirement is to display single calender and it should always show today's date by default.

      Parameter is allowing single calendar but parameter is static. It cannot pick dynamic dates.


      I tried below steps.


      1. Created Parameter named as  DATE_P

                                          Datatype as Date

                                          Current Value 09/06/2018 ( which is today's date)

                                          Display format Automatic

                                          Allowable Values as All

      2. Created a Calculation Field named as Date_C

                                           IF DATE([Date])=[Date_P] THEN DATE([Date])


      3. Show Parameter , Click on small triangle down icon and Select TypeIn option . This will display Single Calender option.

      4. Drag Date_C to Rows Shelf, Click on small triangle down icon, Change to exact date.

      5. Save Dashboard and publish to Server.

      6. Open Dashboard on 09/08/2018. Still parameter points to 09/06/2018.

      7. I want parameter to pick Today's Date.


      Please let me know if you have any workaround for this requirement. I really approximate your help.