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    How to Find Supervisor Managerial Type from Employee ID

    Rahul Nambiar

      Hi All,


      I am stuck in this issue for long and would like to have your help on this topic.


      I have a an Employee ID field which contains all the employee ids of the organisation. along with that i have a supervisor id field which are related to the employee id as supervisor will have an employee under him and in turn that supervisor will be an employee under a higher supervisor.

      the table sample i have in table looks like this:

      Now in the above table you could see supervisor id 95704 is an employee under id 88238 and similarly supervisor 88238 is under id 15239.

      You can also see the managerial type field is on the level of the employee id i.e the Managerial_Type value corresponds to the EMPLOYEE_NUMBER value.

      I want the Managerial_Type field value to show the value for the Supervisor and not the Employee ID.

      i.e. I want to see the Managerial Type of the supervisor and not the employees

      For eg. all the values for Managerial_Type for Supervisor ID: 95704 should be TL as that is the Managerial Type for that employee ID as in the pic.


      I am trying multiple ways to reach this solution but not successful.


      Any form of help will be highly appreciated.