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    How to Connect Tableau with Saba LMS

    Abinesh S

      Hi friends,


      I am new to this Tool. i want to know how to connect Tableau with Saba LMS.


      I want to fetch the record from Saba LMS and make reports in Tableau.


      Can any one help me how to do this.?


      For any further information Kindly let me know pls


      Abinesh S

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          Carisa Chang

          Hi Abinesh,


          The first step will be to ask Saba what their backend database is, and if you have permission to access it. (I was unable to find this information on their website).


          If the backend database is one that Tableau has a connector for, like MS SQL Server, you can connect directly if you have permission.


          For many LMS systems, you can download flat files of the data to use in Tableau Desktop, or there are APIs available that you can download data from, or even develop a Web Data Connector to programmatically pull down data.


          Without knowing more about Saba, it's difficult to know which method will work. I'd recommend talking to your account rep at Saba about their offerings.