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    Performance impacted in handling millions of rows

    Sandipan Ghosh

      Hey All,


      Need guidance!!


      Recently I encountered with a situation where I need to fetch around 20 million of records. It took a good amount of time to create the extract(.tde) which is fine. But the moment I pulled some values into worksheet it become really slow and giving me message "low performance issue any time it can be crashed".


      Whereas same table being used in BO, it's working very smoothly. The problem is we are migrating all our reports from BO to Tableau. But if this situation can't be resolved then we will be in trouble.


      Let me explain the process.


      • I am using Tableau desktop 10.4, 8GB Ram.
      • Connected to a Oracle view then created extract (.tde)
      • Cannot filter the extract as I need whole data.


      Seeking for an expert guidance as this is very crucial moment.

      Please don't reply with general guidance like filter and all as there is no use of it for the situation.