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    Rolling Subtraction Calculation

    Tony Ball



      Hope everyone is doing good. Had a quick question about subtractions in a calculation.


      I have some data where I want to reduce an amount from a total each quarter. In total I have 2277 items and my data has marked each row into 4 different quarters (apart from some null ones)




      I want to achieve the following - subtract Quarter 1 value (158) from the total (2277) which gives me 2119  - I then want to subtract quarter 2 value from the remaining total so 2119 - 1226 which equals 893


      I then want to subtract quarter 3 value from remaining total so 893 - 577 which equals 316


      finally I then wan to subtract quarter 4 value from remaining total so 316 - 140 = 176


      The idea is to produce a stepped bar chart (decreasing each quarter) out of the subtraction calcs.


      If this isn't clear or you require a workbook attaching to this mail please let me know.


      Thanks for taking the time to read this and as always any help is greatly appreciated.