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    Finding the last occurrence of a specific character or text

    Chadd Dumagas

      The datasource is Tableau Server, I cant use FINDNTH nor REGEXP

      Tableau version 10.5


      So, I have a bunch of chat transcripts but they are in just 1 row.




      [10:30:13] text7 text8

      [10:31:34] text2 text2

      [10:33:68] text2 text3

      [10:34:56] text4 text5 text1 text1   <-- extract this line


      So basically I just need to trim that last line and put it in a different field not all lines for 1 field.

      I've already talked to the SQL developers to clean that string but they are having problems to do it in the DB side, so what they published in the server is the uncleaned version.


      Oh one more thing. SPLIT is not working coz, its not accepting calculated values

      SPLIT (word, 'character', token <- literal number, cant be calculated????)