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    Cohort Analysis, Parameter Formats and Timezone Conversions

    Andrew Slutzky

      Hello Tableau Community,


      • How can I capture in-quarter cohort vs out-of-quarter cohort conversion rates?
          • For example, the parameters I'm now leveraging will change all of the dates to the same ranges, which I believe is in-quarter. Screenshot.
        • I want conversion rates also from previous quarters. Perhaps that creating a calculated field to only increment on stage date population +/- x days.


      • How can I reformat parameter values to how they appear in filters?
          • For example, the format is currently "1/1/2018" for quarter, but I'd like to see the format be "Q1" like you can do in filters. Screenshot.
          • There has to be some code I could use to do this dynamically.


      • How do you systemically solve for SFDC time zone conversion differences?


      All the best,

      Andrew Slutzky