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    How to group dates from different tables

    Jorge Gutierrez

      Hello everyone,


      I am somewhat new to Tableau and I am having a bit of trouble figuring out if the FIXED function is what I need to solve my issue.


      I have two tables, one that contains information for quotes and another for purchases on orders, a simplified version would look somewhat like this:


      Quote NumberQuote DateNumber of Products
      320/Aug/ 20183


      And the Purchase orders table, which can be linked via the quote number, looks somewhat like this:


      Purchase NumberPurchase DateNumber of Products




      What I would like to do is obtain the "hit ratio" for the quotes on a per week basis, so if a quote becomes an order then I would like for it to show the amount of products that actually became orders. The problem that I am facing is if I put Quote Date as a column, I think that I am getting the amount of quotes correctly but I am getting the amount of purchases from that time frame, so if quote 1 is on the 6 of Aug that would show as a quote from that date but as a purchase for the next week, is there any way to show that a quote from a specific week also became a purchase?


      Hope it makes sense/


      Thanks for all of the help.