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    Action Filter Using Measure Value

    Adhitya Sanusi

      Hi All,


      I have a Summary table below.


      I would like to do action filter to show the affected data. Basically when I click column 'Is Cash' for Company 'Blackrock', I want to see all the advisers that has 'Is Cash' column = 1. There are only 2 adviser affected by that column. However it seems the drill down only stop up to the Company level only. Below is the result.


      As you can see on the Detail section, there are 9 rows that have 'Is Cash' = 1. The correspondent advisers are Albert Kay and Craig Johnson only. However it shows all the result under company Blackrock instead of filtering only 9 rows.


      Attached is the Excel spreadsheet and the Tableau file for your perusal. I'm using Tableau 10.5.


      Thanks all for the help.


      Kind regards,