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    Connect Tableau to Azure SSAS via SSO


      I'm trying to connect to an Azure SSAS cube using SSO via AD in Tableau Desktop (v2018.1.3).


      I can do this using other products like Power BI but I appear to be having connection issues when using Tableau.


      I receive the error message - Database error 0x80004005: COM error: COM error: mscorlib


      Has anyone else experienced this and managed to find a work around?




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          Ciara Brennan

          Hi Bill


          I found a similar post on this topic and it looks like Leonardo  Dutra encountered the same error msg you described. When he contacted Tableau Support the recommendation was to repair the .Net installation, so that may be worth a try...?

          There are also some links in this post by Sebastian Sofariu that are worth reviewing....



          Re: Connect Tableau to Azure Analysis Services server


          Can you please post back to let us know the outcome?

          Many thanks, Ciara

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            Thanks Ciara. We talked to Tableau Technical support and their response is below.  However, before we began to test the workaround, it has started to work for us.  We suspect an update to .Net may have influenced this but cannot be sure.  All we know for sure is that some sort of patching/ set up changes have definately allowed us to connect.  Also having up to date client libraries is a must.


            " I understand that when connecting to Azure Analysis Services from Tableau Desktop, the following error occurs: "Database error 0x80004005: COM error: COM error: mscorlib".

            This error may occur because the ability to connect to Microsoft Azure data sources using the following authentication types is currently not built into the product:

            • Active Directory Integrated Authentication
            • Active Directory Universal Authentication
            • Active Directory Password Authentication
            • Multi Factor authentication

            We have an existing enhancement request for Tableau Desktop to support the above authentication types. I have attached this case to that enhancement request which will help our Product Managers gauge the demand for this feature.

            To voice your support for the future implementation of such a feature, please vote on the following Community Idea:       

            Allow Azure Analysis Services with SSO

            As a possible workaround, please create a guest (B2B collaboration) user account for use with Tableau. For more information about such user accounts, please see the following Microsoft article:

            What is Azure AD B2B collaboration?"



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              Ciara Brennan

              Interesting. Thanks for the update Bill, glad to hear its resolved.