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    how to exclude duplicate IDs

    Kelly C



      I've posted about something similar in this thread here https://community.tableau.com/message/813718?et=watches.email.thread#813718   but realized there are some missing data pieces.


      So what i'm trying to do is make sure every Case ID has a single ack ltr date associated.  in my previous thread (shown below) I wanted to remove the Null in case ID 1014 because there was another line for that case that had a date. However, in Case IDs 1001 and 1004 I wanted to keep those Nulls because there is no extra line for those cases. 


      I was given the formula IF { FIXED [Case_Id]:SUM([Number of Records])}> 1  then "Remove" else "keep" END to remove that Null in 1014 and it worked, but upon reviewing my data, it looks like this formula also removes any duplicate lines where case ID and ack ltr date are matching as well.


      In the attached workbook, I've added the above calculation to demonstrate that it is excluding any duplicate case ID that does not have a Null Ack ltr Date from my entire dataset, which isn't my goal.  My goal is to keep one line for date per one line case ID.  If the case ID has a Null ack ltr date and an actual date, I'd like to keep the actual date.  For any duplicate case IDs with matching Ack Ltr dates, I'd like to have only one of those dates be counted.


      hopefully this isn't too much criteria for a calculation....any help would be much appreciated!!  Thank you!

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