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    How to automate reporting?

    Bhumika Bhandari

      Hello Everyone,


      I have created a few reports in Tableau to measure the top 10 KPI for our product. I want to have all of these reports updated automatically every 1st day of the month and want it to send it over to few people. In my company, I do use Creator license and we have Explorer licenses as well - which I am using on Tableau Online. I know how to share those reports. But, can anyone help me to find out how I can automate this reporting task?



      Steps for creating reports:

      1. Connect with MYSQL

      2. Add particular tables and join them as per the need

      3. Drag and drop fields into Rows and columns

      4. Apply different filters for all reports

      5. Calculate Running total or percentage

      6. Give consistent name



      These are the repetitive tasks which I will have to do it every month. I do use Live data - so every month it will be updated but is there any better way which I can use?






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          suman kumar



          Please schedule Extract & Refresh. it will automatically bring the new data first day of every month in your report.

          Refresh Data on Tableau Online



          Please let me know if you have more question on it.


          Please mark correct  & Helpful if it works for you




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            Ravi Mistry

            Hey Bhumika,


            A few follow up questions - if you are connecting to mysql, do the tables you create and join to change? If not, then the response from Suman can help. You're able to create a datasource which will always pull either live or on a scheduled extract. You're also able to build a dashboard which will retrieve the latest data and maintain the rows/columns.


            Further, if you're wanting to get this directly to your inbox, perhaps you can leverage subscriptions to achieve this also.



            Hope this helps!





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