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    Data "Leaks" With Multiple Extracts

    Jeff Robinson

      We have workbooks with multiple data sources that are on daily extracts. In the morning, it appears some data partially loads for the daily extract *prior to all the extracts finishing*. The result is that incomplete data shows up before the extract completes and throws our users off. As a temporary measure, I've added an "As Of Date" to ensure that the users know they are looking at incomplete data until the As Of Date updates. Besides this, are there any suggestions for how to address it? Why would this be happening? The expected behavior is that no new data shows up on the dashboard until all extracts for the dashboard have completed. I am working on a solution for a calculated field that checks the max date for all related data sources so that it matches, and only show the latest date if all match. I don't know if this will work, though, nor do I think it should have to be done.