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    Difference between 2 dates within a subset

    Ty Adams

      Here is the problem I am running into.....I need to show the difference between the dates that fall within the same program. So in the below screenshot I need to show the difference between the dates for CND SADR (12/14/2015) and CND ACAS (3/1/2016) in days because they are both in Program 1. I assume this needs to be done by a table calculation but I am really having a hard time getting it to work,

      The result I am looking for is CND SADR would show 0 or blank and the CND ACAS would show 78 (3/1/2016 - 12/14/2015). The rest would be 0 because they only have one date per program.


      I attached the workbook and the calculation I was working on was called Refresh Rate (to see my calc)


      Can someone help me out...I am stuck?