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    Can't connect to a local cube file

    Peter Lammers

      I am using a trial of current Tableau Desktop version. I have tried this on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 machines. I have downloaded the supercube sample cube file and associated driver from Tableau.

      I installed the driver and when I try to connect to the cube I get an error message about it not being able to find the server (I assume analysis server) and there is a note about not being able to access the file because it is in use by another process. I installed Analysis Server and tried to connect to the cube file and get the same message about the file being in use by another process.

      I didn't do anything with the file other than download it from Tableau site and unzip it.


      So I don't know if I need Analysis Services installed or not. I get an error either way so I need more help than getting that answered. Can anyone help me with this?

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          Santiago Sanchez

          Hi Peter,


          You don't need SSAS installed on your computer, but you do need to have the driver installed, which sounds like you've already done. Curious, what driver did you download?


          I have seen the message 'file being used by another process' when I have a connection open to the file in either another window of Tableau Desktop or Excel. I'd double check that there's nothing else using the file, it may be easier to create a copy on another location and connect to it to be safe.



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            Peter Lammers

            I downloaded the cube file and driver from the connecting to cubes training video page on tableau website. I actually installed all of the above on a clean virtual machine. The cube file had never been opened by another program. I unzipped it and copied it to the virtual machine.