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    Change URL action protocoll using javascript

    Benedikt Benz

      Hey guys,


      in my use case the customers need a Landingpage dashboard optimized for iPad. The user should be able to use provided links (URL actions) to go from the landingpage to other dashboards without leaving the mobile app. I got it working by putting "tableau" protocoll on the server whitelist and setting up the link as follows: "tableau://server.../#/views/dashboard/dashboard01".


      The problem is, by using "tableau://" and opening the landingpage in a browser, by clicking the link to another dashboard it tries to open it in Tableau Desktop. I know this is expected behavior, but the users only use the app on iPad or Tableau Server in their browser.


      What I want to try, is to set up a custom JavaScript to identify the device the user is on and change the link by replacing the "tableau://" protocol with "https://".

      When I analyzed the landingpage in chrome developer tools I could not find the links to the other dashboards or anything else that I could use to hook into. Do you guys have any advice ?


      Thank you