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    How to set LOCALE with Tableau & SAP HANA connection?

    Alexandre Papagiannidis-Rivet



      Am trying to extract 2 datasets from SAP HANA with Tableau: 1 in English and 1 in French to publish to server for the same dashboard.

      After a lot of searches, over multiple forums, I still have not found how can I achieve this or know if this is even doable with Tableau.


      In SAP HANA Studio, Language is set at the connection level in the Additional Properties

      9-5-2018 10-16-53 AM.png

      In Tableau with the HANA Connection, there's no such option to set such parameter

      9-5-2018 10-18-15 AM.png


      How can I parse or set the desired "locale"?

      I've tried the SQL route but with not much success

      9-5-2018 10-59-53 AM.png


      Any ideas?


      Thanks all