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    Site vs Project Part 2

    Ganesh Sadanandan

      Hi All,



      Hi All,


      I was wondering about the differences between Site and Project.  the security and maintenance aspect of creating a new Site vs  new Project has been very clearly explained in the below Post -



      What is the difference between Projects and Sites in Tableau?


      However I need a bit more inputs from forum Members interms of hardware / Licence costs involved.


      I have joined a organisation where tableau is already rolled out in Americas region and I am part of Europe team where we are still using legacy reporting.

      Now  I can request for a Europe Site  Or a  Europe Project under the Americas Default site.  Can You explain me the implications between the 2 options


      1.    Say Europe has 800 new users,  will adding a project under Default site add more load on the server  and will it be a  different case if i create a new site ?


      2.    In my company if i need to request for a new site , they as to identify a business sponsor in the organisation.  I know that adding a new project will not require addtional licence cost. But will creation of a new site need extra server licence ?



      3.  I am aware that Company will need to pay for each desk top licence and assuming there needs to be a server licence as well. But will adding more users to the tableau server involve cost?. Please guide me on this.





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          Michael Gillespie

          Ganesh, there is no additional cost associated with Sites or Projects.  Those are internal organizational concepts, not architectural constructs.  There are also no differences in the performance impact of Site vs. Project.


          Having said that, adding 800 users to an existing Tableau Server deployment without considering the performance impact would be a challenge!


          So, you may have to add nodes to the environment to support additional users, additional data sources, and so on, which may or may not incur additional license charges for the Server components (core/perpetual licenses vs. subscription-based licenses).  There will also be additional cost for user licenses (Creator/Explorer/Viewer) but none of those have anything to do with Sites vs. Projects.

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            Ganesh Sadanandan

            Thanks Michel, your explanation was useful.  However one question poped up in my mind. Please clarify.

            Again i totally new to this area so apologies if this is based on lot of half baked understanding


            Say I have a site called "AMR"  and a site called "EUR" and i add an user to view dashboards published in "AMR" which requires a "viewer licese" as per my understanding. because "EUR" is a tollaly diffent site and this user will not be visible in that site, do i need another licese to add him into "EUR" ?  .

            This would not be the case if these 2 were just projects under "default" site.

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              Michael Gillespie

              Glad that was helpful, Ganesh.  Licensing is always complicated, so happy to assist.


              A Tableau Server license (Creator, Explorer, Viewer) applies to the entire environment that you have purchased and installed.  Licenses and the licensing mechanism have no knowledge of Sites or Projects: they apply at the Server level.


              At the implementation level, an administrative user with Server Admin rights would add your theoretical user (and associated license) at the SERVER level.  Then the Site Admin user(s) would each add that same user to the individual AMR and EUR sites as an authorized user of those sites.


              Remember that users EXIST at the Server level, but are assigned rights and permissions at the SITE and PROJECT level (well, also at lower levels but that's not relevant to this discussion).


              Is that more clear?