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    Tableau does not plot all data points on a map

    Michael McNenny

      I have a data set of 94 records.  The problem I am having is that Tableau is only plotting 68 of the 94 records (this is when all filtered on).  I know what the issue is but I can't figure out to fix it.  As an example, I have 7 unique addresses in Philly.  If I am filtered on Philly only, it only plots two locations.  The issue, I think, is 6 of the 7 branches in Philly have 2 reps who work out of each location.  So instead of listing the name(s) of the persons in any branch with multiple persons, I instead label it as "Multiple" and then list the number of reps in that branch.  So for the 6 branches in Philly, I have listed the rep name field for all 6 as "Multiple (2)"