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    compare server installations???

    Sarah Delaney

      We installed 2018.2 server on a test machine and I've been tasked with testing our workbooks on it.


      One of our workbooks with a really large extract will not finish publishing. It stays at "Publishing views, Sending data to server"  after HOURS. This twbx file will take 10 minutes to publish on our Tableau Server Version: 10.5.2 (10500.18.0305.1200) 64-bit Windows server.


      All of our other workbooks load and perform fine on the 2018.2 test server. I've had a co-worker publish from their desktop and the problem workbook wouldn't finish publishing from their desktop either. This particular workbook had the same issue when it was time to test for the 10.5.2 server release, but we knew the test server had much lower resources. We took a leap, went ahead with our migration and the problem workbook published and performed just fine on the production 10.5.2 server.


      Our server admin says now the 2018.2 test and 10.5.2 prod server have similar resources allocated to them, on the same network segment and the large extract workbook is still having issues.


      Any ideas on identify why a workbook wouldn't finish publishing?


      What Tableau (or Windows) server configuration settings should we be checking in case the issue is there?