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    Parameter referenced date format Issue on Tableau Server

    Mohammed Siddiqui



      I have an issue with date format hoping someone would be able to resolve.


      Based on my requirement, I have created a string parameter. It is a combination of a reference to YearMonth with the corresponding Max date.


      The YearMonth and Max date details are not in my source, so I am using it as a Parameter get results.


      I created a metric using RIGHT() function with the last 10 digits of the string parameter and converted it into a Date type.


      When using the above metric in my report, I get correct results on Tableau Desktop, but whereas when published on Tableau Server, the results differ.


      The reason is due to different date formats on Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop.


      I tried changing the workbook locale as well as changed the regional settings on my system. But the results were not the same.


      I would like to have similar desktop results on Tableau Server as well. Is there a workaround for this? Appreciate if anyone can share insight on this.