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    Change Filter Input based on Parameter

    Laura Prengaman



      Is there a way to change the input type of a quick filter based on a parameter?


      I have a parameter where the user can select what they filter on- for example, color, shape, or ID. Based on the parameter selection, I have a quick filter that changes to show either colors, shapes or IDs.


      My issue is that there are a LOT of IDs, but a limited number of colors and shapes. Users are used to being able to select colors and shapes from a list, but IDs would need to be inputted from a spreadsheet. I am hoping there's a way to change how the user inputs information into a quick filter based on a parameter, so if the user selects that they want to filter on color or shapes, they see a drop down, and if they choose to filter on IDs, they have the "make your own filter option." Ideally, users would only be able to select a single shape or color, and multiple IDs.


      If this is not possible, is there a way to hide or show a parameter that does NOT use floating containers? Or another workaround that anyone has used?


      Thank you all!

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          Joe Oppelt

          the format of the filter is the format of the filter.  (I'm assuming you actually make one filter that is something like [Selection Criteria], and in that calc you set the value to be the dimension the user has selected.)


          One filter, one format.


          You can display separate filters by popping one or the other out (and hiding the one(s) you don't want the user to see) based on the parameter selection.


          But it's going to use a floating container.  You don't want that, so I won't describe it.

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            Laura Prengaman

            Hey Joe,


            That is exactly what I'm doing. I guess the floating containers will be what I need to work with. Thank you.

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              Joe Oppelt

              I'm using this workbook to do some demo videos on all sorts of popping and swapping issues.  But I don't have them ready to publish yet.


              The part you really need to focus on is how the various filters pop into place for the respective sheets.


              See the attached example.  (V`10.5 workbook.)  Swap sheets based on the parameter at the top of Dashboard 2.


              From your description it looks like you'll want 2 filters.  One will be formatted as a check-box selector for two of your dimensions, and the other as a type-in search.  Depending on which param value the user has selected, you will display one or the other.


              The attached example actually swaps 3 filters, but you won't have to mess with that.  Just push out one or the other.


              Take a look and ask questions.


              In a nutshell, though, you will place both filters and one pop-out sheet into a horizontal container.  (Pop out sheet will be the left-most object in the container.)  One will be the default display, and if the user selects a param value that requires the other filter, then display the pop-out sheet, which will push the contents of the container to the right.  Only leave an exposed "window" of display space to show whichever filter is called for, and mask the rest of the mechanism with sheets or other objects.  (In my example I use a BLANK object that I colored white so that it's opaque and hides what gets shifted to the right.  Also I start the container in negative space, so the part that is to the negative x-area of the dashboard boundary does not get displayed.)