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    Ranking Over Time Dimension

    Ravi A



      I have a question and feel i have exhausted all the options in trying to solve it. I have a time period on column shelf and need to check if the measure points meets the minimum criteria across each month. For which, i calculated using a window function across the table, say

      IF Window_sum(IF points > 10 then 1 else 0 end) <> size() then 'not meeting' else 'meeting' end


      Now, this helps in seeing the entries which consistently meets requirements. But i have a requirement to rank them after being consistent.

      This is where the issue is tricky, ranking on the current year or month is not generating sequential ranks. Records which didn't meet the criteria are ranked.

      When a filter is applied to see records which meet the criteria ranks are not sequential. say rank 1 is followed by 5.


      Thanks. Any, thoughts would be helpful.