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    Tableau can't read views

    morton hsiao

      I can connect my tableau desktop to postgre and read tables, but when I put in a view that is basically that same table with an additional predicate, like limit 1000 I get:

      I copied and pasted that same query and connected to postgres through ms excel's power query and it works fine.  This isn't a materialized view, it's a regular view.  Can Tableau read views.  I know the permissions must be right because excel can read it.

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          morton hsiao

          Turns out Tableau CAN read views.  Maybe not materialized views.  Anyway you have to grant privileges in views too, not just the underlying table.  Why did Excel work?  Simple.  Excel isn't always clear which username it uses and I must have had the admin username stored.  By the way, for those that don't know DAX, you don't know how lucky you are.  Months of understanding dax, just to simulate window functions and lod functions, which anyone can pick up in a half of a day.