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    Row level access (Hide filters/parameter even when editing worksheet online)

    Cherryl Pasetti



      We have 3 different users group, and depending the groups they belong to defined their access to data. For example:

      1. Group 1 - can access basic clients
      2. Group 2 - can access the special clients + basic clients
      3. Group 3 - can access the elite clients + basic clients


      The articles I found on-line suggested using filters or having multiple workbooks. If we use filters to achieve this, we have to hide the filters and stay hidden even if users try to edit the workbook online thru Tableau server.


      Question now is how do we hide the filters, so that users wont be able to modify these filters and see all the data? if this is not possible, is there any other way we can tackle this issue without creating multiple workbooks?


      Thank you.