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    Publishing Data Sources from Desktop to Server

    Paul Boyle

      I am looking for some advice on publishing data sources from Tableau Desktop to Server.  We are working with version 2018.1.


      I have a data source in a workbook in Desktop which connects to CSV on a NAS drive.   When I publish this workbook to Server the Desktop version data source seems to sometimes update to then go via the Server.  Ideally I would like the Desktop version to remain with the connection direct the NAS drive so that it is not dependent on Server.   This works as I intended sometimes but not always which seems strange.  We have a new installation of Server and I am not sure if its something to do with the installation or how I am using it.


      The settings I am using are Publish Separately and Publish Without Extract.


      Any advice would be helpful as this behaviour is very annoying and once the Desktop version data source has updated to point to server I do not see how to revert this back to point direct to NAS so in effect breaks the Desktop workbook.