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    remove products from filter

    Alex Martino

      Hello. I have a show filter. Is there a way that I can eliminate certain items from showing up in the filter or do I have to do this on the data page?

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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          Hi alex


          Create your dim into duplicate and drag to filter and select unwanted values and exclude


          Add original dim into filter and select only relevant values.




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            suman kumar

            Hi Alex Martino


            First create duplicate of Dimension which value you want to remove from filter.

            Suppose you want to remove few Sub-Category from Sub-Category filter.

            1. Duplicate Sub-Category dimension (See below image for reference.)

            Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 3.50.10 PM.png

            2. Drag Duplicate SubCategory into the filter shelf and select which ever value you want to exclude like below image.(select value and check exclude option in filter)

            Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 3.53.43 PM.png

            Here we are excluding 3 sub-category


            3. Now drag original Sub-Category into the filter, you'll not be able to see those value into filter because you have already excluded it.

            Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 3.57.31 PM.png

            You can see in above image that those value were excluded in duplicate filter is not in original dimension.



            Please mark correct and helpful it it works for you





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