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    Use Custom Date Range for Column on Gantt Bar

    paul r

      Hi Everyone,

      So I was trying to make a gantt bar chart to show job progress with my company. I have a custom date dataset that shows only valid working days (days that are not weekends or national/company holidays) that I'm importing via SQL Server as can be seen below:

      The dataset for when my jobs start and end are correctly calculated using Excel and were originally showing correctly on a Gantt bar when we used Power BI. The problem I'm specifically having with Tableau is that when I import the Date field from the data selection above, it still shows values for dates that it shouldn't as they aren't in the dataset (e.g. 2007-01-06 & 2007-01-07 as seen above). This is causing problems with my gantt bar as it's putting in weird spaces and jobs which continue over the weekend come up as shorter than they should be. I have this working with regular days where weekends and national holidays are included but it can give the impression that some parts of the job are taking significantly longer than they should (especially so around the Christmas period).

      This is how it currently appears when I put in working hours with the specified range of dates (which show up as a full calendar year of dates).


      Does anyone know if what I'm talking about is possible at all in Tableau? Or if it's possible to put a filter on a continuous date field?



      (Apologies if I submitted this to the wrong area)

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          Esther Aller

          Hey Paul,


          Continuous axes assume that there is a full domain of data that you are plotting against, so there isn't a way to cut out chunks of the continuous axis.


          I have attached an example workbook where I joined a list of Saturdays to my original data source. Then I created a dual axis on the Gantt chart where the second axis white-outs every weekend. I would be happy to include directions if it looks like something you want to use.


          The Tableau website has an Ideas section where customers can add, comment, and vote on features they would like to see in the product. Votes are used to help prioritize new features. Our Development team also loves to see everyone's use cases in the comments, which helps them better design features that will meet the most possible needs.


          I was unable to find an Idea on this already, so I recommend creating one!


          Hope this helps

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