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    Percentage of total

    Jure Kocbek



      I'd like to create calculation where I have to get sales percentage for a single product.

      Here is an example what I need (bolded text):


      product_name   |  sold_items |  percentage


      Product 1                 10              16,66%

      Product 2                 16               26,66%

      Product 3                  8                13,33%

      Product 4                 12               20%

      Product 5                 14               23,33%


      What I tried:


      I created calculated field [Number of all sold items] with formula SUM(sold_items) to get number of all sold items. How can I get percentage calculation. If i create calculated field (formula: sold_items / [Number of all sold items] ) I don't get right values, because Tableau uses [Number of all sold items] for a single product sold items, not as sum of all sold (60).


      Thanks for help.


      Best regards