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    Combining Attributes & Aliases Based On Conditions

    Leanne Vermeulen

      I have survey data that needs to show how many respondents took the survey, based on department. The problem is that if the number of people / respondents per department are less than two, it's pretty easy for in-house staff to work out who gave them a low score, etc.


      So what I'd like to do is take a field like "Department" and combine its members when the number of persons in each is less than or equal to two.


      Something like this:



      I realize I could do a simply IF <= CONDITION THEN 'create new label to group them under', but the problem is the grouped name wouldn't be dynamic. I'm hoping the new 'group' would have the names of the combined attributes / aliases.


      If this works, I know it could end up being very 'untidy' in that multiple strings could be combined, forming one large alias. But I know the dataset and this would very rarely happen.