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    Tableau Public - Embed viz with multiple tabs using Current view embed code

    . Ashish

      Dear Friends,


      I have to embed a Tableau Public viz which has 4 tabs (4 related dashboards) which share the same set of filters and changing any filter on any of the tabs gets reflected on other tabs as well.

      This helps the user to navigate to other tabs and retain the same set of filters.


      If I embed this viz as original with the default filters, this works fine. But there are cases where I want to change the filters on the viz and embed all the 4 tabs for the new filters.

      I am only aware that if I change the filter and want to embed the resulting view, then I will have to use the Embed code from the Current view option under Share option. But this Current code does not show all the 4 tabs on embedding. Even if I add the <param name='tabs' value='yes'/> code, it shows only the one tab not all the tabs.


      Has anyone faced this issue and can help here?


      Viz as an example: Tableau Public