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    Viz in tooltip | How to remove/minimize based on selection?

    Hatem Kotb

      Hi all, this is my first post here and I've been looking for a solution but haven't found yet. My question is: is it possible to remove or minimize the size of a Viz-in-tooltip based on mark selection? In my example I am using a worksheet that contains background images that I would like to view for some (not all) marks. I'd like to view the image when the mark is relevant, but when I don't have an image is there a way to not-view the Viz-in-tooltip or make it in the smallest size possible? The workaround I did was to give the other marks an image that is a small white space. It looks smaller than before but it still shows up. Below are some screenshots. PS: The viz-in-tooltip max width & height are 600px (not sure why it would give the max if there is no photo?).


      Thanks in advance!


      Normal Viz-in-tooltip

      Viz in tooltip (OK).png


      Blank Viz-in-tooltip (too big)

      Viz in tooltip (empty).png


      My workaround (using a small white square image)

      Viz in tooltip (white square).png