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    Calculations with Cubes


      Good morning,


      I am currently trying to build a tableau worksheet using a data cube. Unfortunately I am stuck with the following problem for quite some time.


      I'm using a data cube that has two (relevant) dimensions for this issue. One contains the data types, the other one contains the time.


      It basically looks like this:


      Dimension Type:

           Type A:      Subtype AA

                             Subtype AB

           Type B:      Subtype BA




      Dimension Time:











      I have figured out how to compare measures that differ in one (sub)-dimension.

      But when I try to calculate the difference between the exampleMeasure of "Type A" "2017.Q1.Feb" and "Subtype BA" "2018" I can't get it to work.



      Does someone have an idea how to solve this?



      Best regards,