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    How to open an URL view with Tableau Tabcmd or script in Windows ?

    Patrick Burger



      We are looking at “caching” some workbooks before the first user open them.

      We actually have run some tests and found that the first user opening a workbook experiencing a long loading time before being able to use it.

      The following user opening the same workbook experience then a faster load.

      Hence the idea to open workbooks/views early in the morning for “caching” them.


      We have tried to use our ETL for doing this job.

      But because of our single sign-on and our security network,
      we were not able to access Tableau.


      However, our ETL is currently able to use Tabcmd for refreshing extracts, so we are looking at using Tabcmd as well for opening URL in Tableau.

      Do you know if there is a function which can accomplish this ?

      Is Get URL fit for this  purpose ?


      Any other idea ?


      For instance, I was thinking of building a script in Windows for opening a list of views at a specific time.

      And using task manager of Windows.

      Has anybody done this before ?