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    Calculate a target which ignore filters??

    Manon Grest

      Hello !


      I would like to calculate a target about lead time based on the previous months (from January 2018 to June 2018).

      'A40' is the name of the dimension where there are dates and 'A40-A80' is the name of my lead time, it is a measure.


      What I would like is to calculate the target like this :

      IF A40 > 1st January 2018 AND A40 < 30th June 2018 THEN

      AVG(A40-A80) END


      The point is that I would like to display on a same sheet the target (which is fixed after calculation) and the avg(A40-A80) over the last 7 months.

      The problem is that my filter which is 'over the last 7 month' (which is currently from March to September because it is dynamic) impacts my target because it must be calculated from January to June.


      How can I do, to overpass my filter to calculate the target ?


      Thank you in advance for your help!