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    Tableau Prep Errors Notification on Log File

    Eros Di Cosmo

      Hi Community,


      is there a way to read on log file the errors notification happens after a flow execution?


      For example I ran this on command line, where can I read the error? I mean without Tableau Prep opened.


      Loading the flow.
      Found errors in the flow file. Cannot run the flow.
      Please open the flow file in the Tableau Prep Desktop to see the details.


      Thank you

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          Hi Eros,


          For the command-line logs.

          You could check the cli.log in %My Documents%\My Tableau Prep Repository\Command Line Repository\Logs


          1. Delete all the files in the folder.

          2. Re-run the command line. (Re-produce the error condition.)

          3. Check the log.

             (And it might not be useful. )


          And according to your message,

          the error should be here. (need to open the prep flow)