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    Tableau Prep Command Line "Unable to establish output connection"

    Eros Di Cosmo

      Hello Community,


      I am trying to publish to Tableau Server from a local file input.


      ArseneXie manage to do here: command-line prep fails with MSSQL input which hostname includes backslash


      C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Prep 2018.2\scripts>tableau-prep-cli.bat -c "C:\Users\admin\Desktop\credential.json" -t "C:\Users\admin\Desktop\Server_Prep.tfl"
      JAVA_HOME is set to : C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Prep 2018.2\scripts\..\Plugins\jre temporarily
      Preparing to run the flow : C:\Users\admin\Desktop\Server_Prep.tfl
      Loading the flow.
      Loaded the flow.
      Updated the connections with supplied credentials.
      Established input connections with remote data sources.
      Unable to establish output connection

      What does it mean with "Unable to establish output connection"? Where is the error?


      Here my credential.json



      Thank you