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    Tableau Backup Script w/ Move and Email

    Richard Silva

      Hi All,


      I would like to ask for your assistance in updating the script below in order to move the backup file (*.tsbak) after the backup and send an email notification after.

      The script below is a bat file that is being used to backup our Tableau Server on a daily basis. Currently, we move the backup file manually and send a email manually to the stakeholders that the backup is complete.

      I would like to seek your assistance to do the following if possible:

      1. If backup is successful:

      A. Delete the existing backup copy from E:\Tableau\Backup\

      B. Copy the new backup from D:\Tableau\Tableau_Backup\ to E:\Tableau\Backup\

      C. Delete the backup from D:\Tableau\Tableau_Backup\ upon successful copy (Prefer to copy than move to prevent any system failure and having the backup corrupted)

      D. Send email of the successful completion


      2. If backup encountered a failure:

      A. Send an email with the failure encountered


      Hoping for a favorable response on this one. Thank you, Tableau Community!


      @echo OFF


      set VERSION=2018.1

      :: Please customise this to the version of Tableau Server you are running.


      set "BINPATH=D:\Program Files\Tableau Server\%VERSION%\bin"

      :: This command sets the path to the Tableau Server bin directory in order to use the tabadmin command. Change this to match the location of your Tableau Server install.


      set BACKUPPATH="D:\Tableau\Tableau_Backup"

      :: This command sets the path to the backup folder - change this to match the location of your backup folder


      set SAVESTAMP=%DATE:/=-%

      :: This command creates a variable called SAVESTAMP which grabs the system time and formats in to look like DD-MM-YYYY

      :: This gets rid of the slashes in the system date which messes up the commands later when we're trying to append the date to the filename



      echo %date% %time%: *** Housekeeping started ***

      :: Prints that text to the DOS prompt



      cd /d %BINPATH%

      :: changes directory to the above path and takes into account a drive change with the /d command




      echo %date% %time%: Cleaning out old log files...

      forfiles -p %BACKUPPATH% -s -m *.zip /D -5 /C "cmd /c del @path"

      :: Cleans out files in the specified directory that end with a .zip extension and are older than 5 days


      echo %date% %time%: Backing up log files...

      set BACKUPPATH="D:\Tableau\Tableau_Backup"

      tabadmin ziplogs -l -n -f

      copy logs.zip %BACKUPPATH%\logs-%SAVESTAMP%.zip"




      echo %date% %time%: Cleaning out old backup files...

      forfiles -p %BACKUPPATH% -s -m *.tsbak* /D -2 /C "cmd /c del @path"

      :: Cleans out files in the specified directory that end in .tsbak extension and are older than 2 days


      set BACKUPPATH="D:\Tableau\Tableau_Backup"

      echo %date% %time%: Backing up data...

      tabadmin backup %BACKUPPATH%\ts_backup -d

      :: Backs up the Tableau Server and creates a file ts_backup.tsbak with the system date appended to the filename


      :: CLEANUP


      REM echo %date% %time%: Running cleanup...

      REM tabadmin cleanup

      :: Cleans out the Tableau server logs.


      echo %date% %time%: *** Housekeeping completed ***


      :: Prints that text to the DOS prompt to show that the jobs are all done