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    Tableau Server + CentOS Inability to login on fresh install

    Nathan Bishop

      Currently encountering an issue I've not been able to figure out over the past couple days where a fresh install (both largely of CentOS and of Tableau Server), the initial user will not work no matter what I seem to do.

      And to summarize the important bits; Yes I have followed the instruction guide pages fully and multiple times, the script install itself also states all requirements are met, but no matter what I do attempts to login prompt that it's an invalid account/password.


      So to cover the general system information;

      CentOS 7.5.1804 64-bit

      It does have Apache on the system as well as a cPanel install, my guess is the latter may have done something to the system which is at fault for this buggery since I don't see any other posts relative to my issue.


      And a list of things I've done;

      Basic as-is install as guide says to install

      Installed using the -a and -p switches during init script to define a custom user/pass

      Made sure the password wasn't anything complicated (ie; no special characters)

      Double checked all ports

      Ran w/ --debug during init script

      Made sure apache wasn't running (since tableau server apparently requires 443 at minimum and prefers port 80)

      Attempted to run `tabcmd initialuser` to which fails because tableau is apparently not actually monitoring on port 80 nor 443 (it does however listen on the default 8850 services webui port w/ https:// accessibility)

      Double checked firewall


      I've obliterated this thing more times than I can remember now (because apparently only the windows server model actually has a CLI pass reset ability for some reason and official recommendation for linux server is to literally reinstall the entire software).  Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong or if it is indeed just cPanel likely impacting it somehow?