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    Combining the Lookup and Total functions

    Mohamed Mosbah

      Hello everyone!


      I have Sales Volume by month, in which I'm using to calculate share of market using percent of total calculation which is basically SUM([Sales Volume]) / TOTAL(SUM([Sales Volume]))


      Now I want to get the same share of market for last year. If I want to get the volume of last year, I basically use the Lookup function which would be Lookup(Sum(Sales Volume),-12)...now I want to get share of market..so I need to divide by the Total Sales Volume of LAST YEAR. Once if try to do that by doing Lookup(sum(sales volume),-12) / Lookup(Total(SUM(Sales Volume)),-12) the calculation is valid but it doesn't give me anything!


      Please if you have any idea to make the combination of the Lookup and Total functions work together..I would be extremely grateful!


      Thanks in advance!!


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