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    How to made a summary table of data (SLA of time)

    Matías Merino


      i need to do a simple table, but for me its impossible.

      I have a data of a workflow, with a lot of "stages", and i need to measure the time for every stage.

      The Unique ID is "N° Solicitudes", the stages are "Actividad" and "IP (Tiempo Total)" is a calculed field that give me the total time of a certain stage, in this case "IP" (That are a 3 stage of the flow).


      For Every ID (N° Solicitudes) i need to do if pass a SLA of time (3 days) in the stage (group) "IP"


      For Example:


      INFSENP000004080 have 5 days of time for the stage "IP", so that ID don't pass the test of SLA.

      INFSENP000004118 have 0 days of time for the stage "Ip", si that ID pass the test of SLA and that is for every ID.


      So i need to do a table (Resume) that count the next:

      Total N° Solicitud: 34

      Approve SLA: 22

      No Approve SLA:  12


      But if a sum the data, or if i quit the ID "N° Solicitud" only made the test for the row, and no every ID (N° Solicitud).


      Thanks for all the test for a newbie in Tableau