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    change default port Tableau

    A Saeedi


      how to change default port (80) tableau server with TSM or CLI ? (Windows)


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          Ritesh Bisht

          See  Tableau Support steps . Please make sure you test these commands on a test environment first before making any changes to production.

          Disclaimer: It might make your tableau instance unstable, please run at your on risk on a test environment which is not in use.


          1. Get the node name (generally node1): tsm topology list-nodes

          2. set the port: tsm topology set-ports --node-name <node name from command 1> --port-name gateway:primary --port-value 8080
          3. Command 2 will ask you to restart the server. select Y on prompt. If it doesn't prompt to restart, run tsm pending-changes apply

          4. You can check if port was changed: tsm topology list-ports|grep 8080



          1. If some error occurs in applying changes: try disabling (enable later) external ssl first-

          tsm security external-ssl disable

          2. You might need to run init command again with new port-

          tabcmd initialuser --server 'localhost:8080' --username 'adminuser' --password 'adminpw'


          Full post --->Change http default port from 80 to another?




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