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    Change Color of Grand Total Bar when Total using average

    Nina Schaub

      I have a file (attached) where I have schedule attainment by each work center (calculation is total Adjusted actual quantity on the work center divided by total scheduled quantity on the work center)

      But for the Sector Total (grand Total bar), I want to take the average of the attainment percentages of all of the work centers, so I changed the calc to Total Using average. This part works fine.

      Where my issue comes in is that I have created a calc to color the bar green if the attainment bests the goal and red if it does not reach the goal. 

      My Grand Total bar is not changing color based on me using the average.

      As you can see in the attached, Total is at 60% and the goal is 70% but the bar is still green. If you add up all of the individual items in the chart below, you would get 72% and I believe that is what it is coloring on.

      Any ideas on how I get the Grand Total bar color to color correctly?