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    difference table calc over index


      I tried my best to approximate my real-world case using the attached workbook based on the superstore sample data.  However, what I'm trying to do doesn't really make sense on that data (it's lacking another temporal dimension). So please just go with the setup even if the calculation doesn't make sense otherwise (or pretend that how customers are arranged emulates successive releases of a product and we want to see how each version performed in sales relatively to the release date).


      In the workbook you'll see customer names in columns.  The rows contain the relative number of the quarter where there was at least one sale.  For example, the quarter the customer placed the very first order will be quarter #1.  If the next order was placed in a different quarter, that will be quarter #2, etc.  Now, for each cell, I want to calculate the delta in total of sales from the previous cell in the same row (or e..g the difference between the third quarter of sales of product v3 and product v2).  Is something like this possible?  I really want to be able to specify "Different from Previous" when partitioned by the field that is index(), but there does't seem to be an option for that.